American Roulette: the high flying transatlantic mobile gaming experience

Roulette is arguably the most recognisable if not the most well-known casino game in the world today. Now, today, roulette takes centre stage, ubiquitous even, in every casino north and south of the Vegas strip. Yet beyond the millions of those able to recognise instantly the famous roulette wheel and its iconic white numbers surrounded by either red or black coloured slabs, those millions dwindle in size when questioned on the origin of the game itself.

Roulette, its name giving away some sort of clue, was invented in France around about the 17th Century. Having become popular with sailors and global pioneers of the age the game found popularity in the New World and established itself as a core gaming experience in the fledgling U.S of A.

Referring to the French game as ‘European Roulette’ started to become common place yet the principle of the game didn’t change. With numbers ranging up to 1 to 36 alternating in colour allocation and with a small metal ball and spinning wheel the game was very accessible, and initially little changed to the physicality of the game.

It’s All About Numbers

For those wanting to know why the numbers stop at 36 the reason is simple, clever yet very effective. Basically, the number range ensures an equal and fair proportion of red and black numbers, high (18-36) and low (1-17) numbers as well as odd and even numbers respectively.

But alas! Those with sharp observational skills will notice that there is in fact a number 0 in the wheel too. This green number known simply as the “House Number” ensures that landing on a red or black number means that these odds are slightly less than half. Genius. If the ball lands on the green “House Number”, all those with red and black bets will lose their cash to, you guessed it, the house.

A Matter Of Difference

With the popularity of roulette growing throughout the century within the USA modifications of the game, continuing the true American tradition of adapting European games to their own liking, started to take shape. Interestingly, the rules remained largely unchanged. Rather it was the physicality of the game that had was to change. American casinos added an extra green slot with double 00’s to their wheel adding more spice to the game of chance.

This adaptation has meant that American roulette is popular with UK gamers to this day. Roulette has become a classic casino game with many gamers spinning to play it safe or play the high roller.

Just like the Americans, Fortune Frenzy has capitalised on the games continual rise and popularity and this excitement has ensured that roulette players can now enjoy the experience all in the comfort of their own palm. By adapting the game further, players now have the freedom to place their chips any way they want, including single numbers, splits and corners, it’s all there! The spontaneity and buzz of the casino is beautifully replicated on this mobile game, in part because of the HD gaming experience which shines through allowing a more in-depth and immersive playing experience.

A Matter Of Choice

Regardless, if your luck lies with odds, blacks, reds or dozens Fortune frenzy’s American Roulette allows you to spin the wheel and win where ever you are. What gives Fortune Frenzy’s American Roulette the edge is the ability to switch to both American and European disciplines of the game whilst playing, a feature very enjoyed by new and seasoned players alike.

With American roulette, player’s bets can range from 10p to £25 each and the pay-outs can be a whopping 35 times the stake, simply staggering amounts of money. Simply, for a game steeped in so much history and tradition, Fortune Frenzy has managed to recreate the charm, the allure, the thrill and the casino buzz so closely associated with the roulette and all that it represents in a value laden package. A fantastic game.


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