Crypto Casino - The Best Casinos with Cryptocurrency 2022

Crypto casino has become a real breakthrough in 2022. More and more gambling sites use Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and other currencies as payment methods. This brings considerable benefits to players. Using cryptocurrencies makes financial transactions fast, anonymous and secure. There's no need to try to collect winnings on your bank card, risking being discovered by the financial watchdog. After all, gambling revenue is taxed.

For crypto casinos, this is an opportunity to increase their audience at the expense of players who do not wish to disclose their financial transactions. As a result, cryptocurrencies are accepted by many of the country's leading rooms. The only drawback for the player can be a significant fluctuation of the cryptocurrency rate on the market, as it can drop by 20% and even more in a single day. It would be best if you used this opportunity wisely. It is suitable for people who consider cryptocurrency a long-term investment rather than a get-rich-quick scheme.

What is Crypto Casino?

Cryptocurrency is a decentralized, automatically operating digital currency. It has no tangible or digital form. As the name suggests, a crypto casino is a gambling establishment that accepts cryptocurrency as a means of payment. With cryptocurrency help, you can deposit money into your gambling account and pay out winnings. Having its cryptocurrency wallet (on an exchange, specialized site, or removable media), the player can use the funds to bet online.

Crypto casinos differ not only in the services they provide. They can accept different currencies, exchange them for cash (traditional) for betting, accumulate special bonuses, etc. Therefore, a player needs to study the specifics of each aspect before choosing a reliable casino that accepts cryptocurrency.

How do Crypto Casinos work?

The principle of operation of casinos that accept cryptocurrency is relatively standard. They provide access to cash games and sweepstakes, accumulate bonuses, and allow you to withdraw the money won. The only difference is the use of crypto-currency. In this regard, there are three types of such establishments:

The choice of this or that institution depends only on the player's preferences. Perhaps he wants to multiply the capital and immediately convert it into Bitcoin or other currencies, or the user may wish to save the money without exchange.

Types of cryptocurrencies accepted by Crypto Casinos

Online casinos can work with an unlimited number of cryptocurrencies; to receive and transfer, you need to open an appropriate wallet. But using multiple names is not profitable. In this case, the casino parimatch alternative must spend additional funds for maintenance, which increases the risk of hacking one of the wallets.

Most often, crypto casinos work with the following cryptocurrencies:

Bitcoin. Everyone knows the most expensive currency. It is from her that the general hype of cryptocurrency has grown, and millions of users have started to buy BTC and altcoins. Thus, Bitcoin casinos are the most widespread. Funds are accepted in satoshi - this is the hundred millionth unit (0.0000001 BTC). The disadvantage of Bitcoin casinos is the relatively low speed of transactions, which can be 4 hours or more during busy periods.

Ethereum. This is the second most valuable cryptocurrency. For this reason, Ethereum is used quite often, but not in all crypto casinos. Its fractional part is called Finney - it is 1/1000 ETH.

Litecoin. It is one of the oldest cryptocurrencies, launched in 2011 based on the Bitcoin code. LTC is rarely used in casinos due to its low popularity.

Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency emerged as a result of the separation of BTC. Like Litecoin, it is rarely seen in casinos.

To replenish an account with any of the currencies, you don't even need to create a wallet - just use one of the online exchangers. But for reliable cash savings, you will need a personal wallet.

How to buy cryptocurrency to play in a Crypto Casino?

Consider the procedure of buying the selected cryptocurrency via a wallet. This method is suitable for players who make frequent transactions. It is safer and faster. A person independently performs the purchase/sale of currency and its transfer with minimal commission.

The procedure for buying cryptocurrency is as follows:

Creation of a crypto wallet. The player can register it on one of the exchanges (Binance, Coinbase, Huobi), a special website (Blockchain com), or buy removable media. The last method is the safest, as the funds are stored on a small device in offline mode, similar to a USB stick. The player connects the gadget to the PC only to transfer funds. Most sites require proof of identity; otherwise, the volume of transactions is limited or limited services are provided. At the same time, you can create a wallet in exchange for buying/selling and the second on removable media for long-term storage.

Preparation for purchase. Let's say a wallet is created on an exchange that allows you to trade dozens and hundreds of cryptocurrencies. The player must replenish the fiat account via a card or other method. When the money has arrived at the exchange, you can proceed with the transaction.

Buy. The user chooses the direction of the exchange, for example, EUR/BTC (buy Bitcoin for Euros). The current price is also displayed here. You can enter the desired amount of BTC, and the required amount of EUR is shown in another field, and vice versa. After clicking the exchange button, the cryptocurrency appears instantly on the wallet.

This is just one of the methods of buying cryptocurrency. You can also use P2P service on some exchanges and online exchangers and place an order to buy BTC when the rate falls to a certain level. These are options for advanced users.

How to deposit with cryptocurrency?

Once the funds are credited to the wallet, you can fund your account at the online casino. The procedure is quite simple, but it does require some care. The step-by-step instructions for depositing in a crypto casino are as follows:

Get a casino wallet number. To do this, you need to log into your account, go to the section with financial transactions and select the type of cryptocurrency. Important: only Bitcoins can be transferred to a Bitcoin wallet, not Ethereum or Litecoin. After the selection, a new window will open with the number of the receiving crypto wallet. It should be copied to the clipboard.

Log in to your currency wallet. The user selects the option to transfer funds to another wallet. This is where a beginner may have difficulties. Thus, when transferring Bitcoin, you must choose one of the proposed transaction networks: BEP2, BEP20, ERC20, etc. (depending on the exchange). When you click on each one, the amount of the commission will be displayed. This way, you can choose the cheapest translation.

Make a deposit. The casino wallet number is inserted into the corresponding field; the amount is shown. You must manually check the correspondence between the wallet and the network type. If everything is correct, the player confirms the transfer.

The time it takes for the funds to be credited to a casino depends on the type of cryptocurrency and network congestion. Under standard conditions, the money is credited to the balance instantly.

Are Crypto Casinos legal?

The gambling market started to open up gradually in 2010. Until 2019, offline and online casinos were regulated by Gambling Commission. It is the body that issues licenses to local and foreign operators. It controls only a limited number of online casino games - poker, sports betting, and horse racing. Recently, there has been some relaxation of the hostile rhetoric about games with a random outcome, whose list also includes slot machines. Therefore, we can expect a rapid expansion of the list of authorized gambling entertainment.

The Financial Markets Authority has recognized cryptocurrencies as digital assets. All exchange customers must undergo full-person identification to trade with cryptocurrency. This is a positive signal for crypto casinos. Now, players can use cryptocurrencies to play legally.

Advantages and disadvantages of Crypto Casino

Before you sign up for a casino that accepts cryptocurrency, you should study all its pros and cons. Perhaps the disadvantages will seem significant to the player, and he will decide to play at another site.

The main advantages of a crypto casino are:

Anonymity. It is impossible to know the player's personal data by the wallet number, which can not be said about bank payments.

Speed of transaction. If the network is not overloaded (this happens during large spikes in the Bitcoin rate), then deposit, and withdrawal transactions are performed instantly.

Security. Many players choose cryptocurrencies because of their wallets' high-security level. If the user adheres to all the recommendations, it is almost impossible to hack their account.

A valuable asset. Many financiers and politicians think cryptocurrencies are like the Internet in the 90s. Everyone knows this, but few people believe in practical application. But hundreds of currencies hide useful technologies. Accumulating and multiplying them today with the help of crypto casinos can be the key to financial stability in the future.

A casino accepting cryptocurrency is not without its drawbacks. But they are not as significant as the advantages. The main disadvantages are as follows:

Price fluctuations. This is the main disadvantage that most players pay attention to. For example, on April 13, 2021, the exchange rate of Bitcoin was 63,300 USD, and a month later, it dropped to 42,500 USD. Even with a win at the casino, the player may find himself in the red if Bitcoin is traded.

Lack of regulation. Most countries have not yet adopted the complete set of laws on cryptocurrencies. The option of denying such an asset or introducing new taxes cannot be ruled out.

Limited use. Cryptocurrencies are hardly used to buy goods or pay for services. They only serve as a method of accumulation.

Each player must decide independently which type of casino to register.

Types of Crypto Casino Games

Casinos that accept cryptocurrency have the same catalog of games as traditional casinos. More than a thousand entertainment options are available on websites.

Slot Machines

The basis of the assortment of every crypto casino is online slot machines. They are the most popular among players and are based on the first mechanical slot machines. The principle of their operation is simple: the player sets the size of the bet, selects the number of lines (in some slot machines), and starts the spin. Then he looks at the results of the reel. The user is rewarded if there are endless combinations of the same symbols on one or more active lines.

Video slots with bonus features are top-rated. These can be a separate prize round with a huge payout, free spins, or payout multipliers. In recent years, slots with 3D graphics have appeared, reminiscent of full-fledged browser games.


There are two types of games available in the casino: video and live poker. In the first version, the game is played without opponents and without comparing cards, so the user receives a prize for each profitable combination. In the second case, a webcast is displayed on the screen. A dealer sits at the table, accepts bets, and plays the entire game.


Online roulette also comes in the form of a slot machine and a live mode. The most popular ones are of three types: French, American, and European. In some casinos, roulette has fewer sectors, symbols are used instead of numbers on the reel, and bonus rounds are introduced.


In the card game, you have to score more points than the dealer without exceeding 21. With the development of online casinos, other types of blackjack began to appear with additional options, a change in the procedure for calculating the number of points, and drawing a jackpot. You can also play blackjack in live mode.


The essence of the game is to score as many points as possible using 2 or 3 cards. In casinos, it is often called punto blanco. The primary type is American baccarat, but you can find a game with a different number of decks and participants, a modified payout order, and bonus options. A real game mode is also present.

Crypto Casino Bonuses

Crypto casinos offer a different set of rewards. The bonuses differ in terms of wagering, which must be studied before participating in the promotion.

Welcome Bonus

Almost all casinos, including crypto casinos, offer welcome bonuses for beginners. The main requirement is to create an account. In addition, the establishments impose different requirements: confirmation of personal data (verification), making one or more deposits, etc. Bonus funds and free spins are credited as a gift.

First deposit

This offer is for a gift for the first deposit after registration. The casino sets the minimum replenishment amount and duration, the bonus percentage, the number of free spins (not always credited), the maximum gift size, and the wagering requirements. Bonuses can be credited both for the first and subsequent deposits.

Free spins

Free spins are on the reels when playing online slots, where bets are made at the casino's expense. They are given according to the institution's requirements: registration, deposits, active money bets, etc. Free spins have wagering requirements. In most cases, they are only used in specific slot machines and have a maximum bet limit.

High Roller

Crypto casinos reward customers who play for high stakes. They receive VIP statuses, under which additional bonuses, free spins, cashback, and other gifts are provided. Often these players get their support managers and withdraw money faster.

Why will 2022 be the year of the Crypto Casino?

The growth in the number and popularity of crypto casinos is due to the increased interest in cryptocurrencies in 2022. The establishment of new highs in the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and most altcoins has led many people to buy cryptocurrencies. And one of the options to increase it is to play at the casino.

Many establishments have taken advantage of the hype and started accepting Bitcoins. This solution has several advantages :

Not all casinos accept Bitcoin and other currencies yet. It wasn't until 2022 that players got interested in playing for cryptocurrencies as one of the types of revenue. Gambling sites are trying every way to attract customers. Some online casinos launch unique promotions for players using cryptocurrency as a payment method. But don't sign up at the first site you come across, as it needs to be verified for a license and other criteria.

Conclusion about Crypto Casino

Crypto casinos are a new trend in the gambling industry. 2021/2022 was a real breakthrough in the history of cryptocurrencies. Millions of people worldwide have bought Bitcoin and altcoins and are trying to use them somehow. And online casinos have provided this opportunity in time!

Users can play slots, card games and place bets from their cryptocurrency wallet. Beginners will need to register with one of the exchanges or exchange sites and the casino itself, as personal identification will be required. Replenishment of the account and withdrawal of money when using cryptocurrency in a casino is done instantly. With cryptocurrencies, the player is assured of safe and anonymous payments and access to thousands of slots and bonuses.

We have selected the best online casinos that accept cryptocurrency as a payment method. Players can decide independently of the registration, paying attention to the site's entertainment catalog, the availability of bonuses, and the use of certain currencies. Thanks to crypto casinos, you can catch the wave of the trend and win money successfully!


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