Card Games in Online Casinos

There are different classifications of the games that are presented at online casinos, but one of the most popular is according to the equipment that is used in the game. For example, there are tables games, dice games, electronic machine games, and of course, card games.

Card games is one of the most popular types of gambling activities in casino on line, as among them there are poker and blackjack, games that have thousands of fans around the world. As the name of this game class says, the main equipment that is used there is cards.

Most of the casino players say that there exist three of the most popular card games, poker, blackjack and baccarat. 


This game is popular at all continents and today it is played not only as a gambling game, but also as a sports event.  It has huge number of variations, and each of them is different with some traces and game details. Probably the most complete guide through theory of poker and history of its numerous variations can be found in a textbook by David Sklansky. The rules of all poker games are rather simple, but it is rather difficult to play this game as it involves a psychological aspect. It plays an important role and players who can understand the emotions of others usually have better results.

All poker games can be divided into three major types: draw poker games, stud poker games and community cards poker games. There are also group of mixed games, and the most famous representatives of this group are HORSE and HOSE, game rounds that involve several different games.


Many poker players play blackjack as well. Though this game is absolutely different from poker, it also has some details that make it very interesting to play. If you have ever watched a movie called 21, you probably noticed that the group of students beat casino with the help of card counting methods. These card counting strategies make blackjack absolutely adorable to play for professionals, and very tricky for players who do not know how to play blackjack with better winning chances.

As well as poker, blackjack has many different variations. In most of the casinos you will find Blackjack Strip, Pontoon, Spanish 21 and other games. All of them have similar traces, but some slight differences in rules and payouts make them different games.


This game is the only one of card games that is known as game of luck. You do not need to implement some complicated strategies playing this game, it is enough just to know rules of betting and to have luck. That is why it’s not hard to learn how to play it – just a brief rules description like this one will do the job.  In this game you should place bet on the person who is going to win – player or dealer. As there is a small chance that both of them have identical hands, there is option of a tie bet.

Card games are great for all types of gamblers and if you want to play them, you should do that. You will never regret that you have placed a couple of bets playing blackjack or poker, and playing baccarat you will be able to have rest from implementing complicated strategies.


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