Casino Security

Since so much money can be won through gambling, people get encouraged to scam, cheat and steal their way to jackpots instead of relying on their luck. This is why casinos end up spending tons of money, time and effort on their security.

Different Kinds of Security

Casino security begins on the casino floors, where patrons ensure everything goes well and employees watch the games. Dealers concentrate heavily on their games, too, which is why they can easily catch blatant cheats such as switching dice or cards; palming; or marking. Pit bosses and table managers watch tables games through wider views, as well, to ensure that patrons do not steal from one another. They also watch out for certain betting patterns, which could be signs of cheating. In fact, every person inside the casino gets a designated personal tracker who watches them and takes note of the amount of money that their table wins or loses.

More elaborate systems of surveillance also exist, which provide high technologies that let security watch the whole casino all at once. Ceiling cameras watch each table, doorway and change window and can even be adjusted if certain patrons need to be focused on. You can also play other wheel games for a change. Video feeds get recorded, too, so cheats or crimes can be easily detected through tape reviews.

Subtle Casino Security Aspects

Casino security aspects that are more subtle, exist as well: the patterns and routines of different casino games. These refer to how dealers deal and shuffle cards; betting spot locations on tables; and any expected motions and reactions of pliers that follow particular patterns. So, whenever somebody does something extraordinary, security people will have a much easier time spotting it due to these patterns.


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