Roulette Glossary

Action refers to any bet or bets made in roulette.

American wheels are wheels with two zeroes on them, 0 and 00.

Biased wheel refers to one that gives out more than one result due to probability and can be used by the sneaky players.

Black bet refers to a bet made in roulette that wins whenever the ball drops onto a black slot. A black bet that wins pays out even money.

Casino edge (or house edge) refers to the amount, on average, that the house expects to get from every placed bet. European roulette has a casino edge of 2.7%, while American roulette has a casino edge of 5.26%.

Column bets are bets in roulette that win if the ball falls into a certain number column. They pay out 2:1.

Croupier, or dealer in roulette pays off and collects bets from winners.

European wheels are wheels with one zero on them, 0.

Inside bets refer to any bets made in roulette inside the grid of numbers. They can be placed on 1 to 36.

Layout refers to the table's design, including the roulette wheel and the betting areas.

Martingale system refers to roulette strategy and represents a bet series that doubles each time the players loses.

Outside bet refers to any bets made in roulette outside the grid of numbers, including black, red, low, high, even and odd numbers.

Red bet refers to bets that will win if the winning numbers is red in color. This bet pays out even money.

Straight bet refers to bets made on single numbers. If these bets win, they pay out 35:1. Straight bets are very common in roulette because of their high payouts.

Roulette Slang

Chasing losses refers to a bet series that losers make with hopes of winning back every loss. This usually just leads to heavier losses, though.

Orphans refer to a system, used in the French roulette, where players make bets on close numbers within the wheel, but which aren't next to each other when it comes to the layout of the table.

Wheel tracking, or wheel clocking refers to when players track previous game results to find out future spin results.


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