High Risk Roulette Strategy

Roulette is one of the hardest games to win at in the casino. If you’re playing on a European wheel the house has a 2.63% advantage while on the US wheels the house has a mighty 5.26% advantage. So for those who play on the US wheels here is the James Bond roulette strategy in order to give you an advantage.

Believe it or not this strategy was made popular by a certain a certain spy and hence the name. In order to explain the system as simply as possible, we will assume that you are placing a £200 bet. Of course you can start betting less as long as the chosen numbers remain at the same proportion to one another.

So with your £200, £110 should be staked on the high half, while £80 should go on the first third, and for insurance place £10 on one of the zeroes. Once the money is down, you will have all the numbers between 1-12 and 19-36, and by betting on a zero you cover your bet. So with this method you actually end up with 31 out of the 38 possible numbers, giving you an 81.5% chance of success.

The winning breakdown looks something like this, if the ball lands between 1 and 12, you win £240. While if it lands between 18 and 36, then you win £220, while a zero would leave you with £360. If your luck isn’t in and you do lose then you can use the Martingale system to try and reclaim your costs – that would entail a £400 bet though.

It’s a high risk strategy as one loss could blow you out of the water, while two losses will prove to be very costly. For a safer bet visit Bet365, who have an extensive sport betting market for you to bet on. Predicting who will win in the rugby or handball is a lot easier than trying to predict where the ball will stop.


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