How to Win at Roulette

According to the researches roulette game is one of the most thrilling and catching game in the world. Roulette appeared in 17th century and was invented by French scientist Blaise Pascal, at least that is what the roulette history says. Every inveterate gambler wants to know some secrets and tips in order to win at roulette game. So, let's find out about some roulette tips and strategies.

Ways to Win

Before you start playing roulette you should realize that any roulette strategy which you use cannot guarantee your win. If such strategies were really working with 100% warranty, casino owners would close all their gambling houses. Once Einstein said if you want to know the winning strategy you should buy the casino or steal from it. Well, you cannot steal from the online roulette. When you are playing roulette game you should realize that your competitor is the gambling house. You should be very attentive and acquainted with the main rules. We recommend you to play European Online Roulette.

You are able to bet on any number you want on every spin. You can place a set of bets which is known as "outside" bets, such bets can be placed "outside" the grid of 36 numbers. Such options include "black or red ", "high or low", "odd or even", "first twelve", "second twelve", "third twelve." In the table below you can look how win at roulette with these bets.

There are also "inside bets" which are placed on numbers. Such bets have better roulette payout.

* 00 options are available on US wheels

** Five number bet carries 7.9% house advantage (highest of any roulette bet)

If you practice for free in online casinos you will find out how to win at roulette, but you should not forget that roulette game is a game of chance and luck!


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