Mini roulette refers to a game of luck similar to European or American roulette. The primary differences lie in the wheel's size, the amount of wheel slots, the player's chances of winning and different bet's number of payouts. Just as it sounds, mini roulette is a popular casino version of roulette. However, instead of having 36 numbers inside, only 12 exist along with one zero. This game has become more and more popular as of late for various reasons. Firstly, the limits of the table are usually higher and it is offered in the online version. Therefore, if you are constantly winning, you can just place bigger bets than you would usually do in a regular roulette game. Second of all, it usually has live chat functions, so you can speak to other players while playing. This is the reason why mini roulette is seen as a very friendly game.

Can You Win More?

Sometimes, mini roulette can have better payouts because the majority of mini games online have higher maximum limits per table. Regular table limits of roulette vary between $25 and $300, but in mini roulette, the table limits range between $75 and $500, if not higher. You can download roulette software to enjoy this game at home. The high table limit means that winning streaks can make you push boundaries on your winnings for every game, while losing streaks can help you win, provided you can do so inside your table limit. Overall, this can increase your potential payouts.

Differences in Bets and Overall Payouts

Straight bets refer to bets on single numbers with payouts of 11:1.

Split bets refer to line bets between two particular numbers for payouts of 5:1.

Corner bets refer to chip placements at a cross of four different numbers for payouts of 2:1.

Three-way bets refer to chip placements on corners of 2, 1 and 0; and 3, 2 and 0 for payouts of 3:1.

Street bets refer to chip placements on end-row lines for payouts of 3:1.

Column bets refer to chip placements in boxes at column ends where four numbers exist for payouts of 2:1.

Half dozen bets refer to bets made in certain boxes for even payouts.

Red or black bets refer to chip placements made on either red dots or black dots for even payouts.

Even or odd bets refer to chip placements made in marked boxes and payout evenly, as well.

Another difference between mini roulette games and other roulette games is that results of 0 will give you half of your bet back.

Try it out today and see how friendly, fun and enjoyable the game really is.


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