Roulette Bets

Games of roulette are played at tables for seven players. A wheel is located next to a betting area, also called the layout. Players will make their bets and the dealer will spin the roulette wheel in order to find a winning number.

This is a game where players don't have to do anything except choosing the number that wins. The dealer is responsible for the wheel's spin and the ball's release overall. All the player has to do is to decide where to place his bets.

Bets at Roulette

Now various roulette betting methods exist. The more difficult will be to get the bet, the better a payout will be.

While playing roulette, you need to buy special chips. Such chips will only be used at roulette and need to be exchanged into regular casino chips prior to leaving the roulette table. Each chip has a special color for every player which designates the owners of the chips during the payout time. Special chips in roulette are used since the chips are put in many different locations of the layout and having such chips will stop everybody from getting confused on who bet on what. In order to protect any player form cheating players have to keep all hands away until every winning bet gets paid out.

When it comes to roulette, there are various betting options.The chips are normally grouped in two primary categories:


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