Roulette Cheats

Cheating in roulette happens to be a very touchy subject; after all, it isn't permitted in traditional casinos and it isn't legal. Having said that, various techniques do exist that players have used through the years in order to get more of an advantage when playing the game. Find out some notable tactics that have been used before here.

Different Types of Cheats

Before gambling was legal, a lot of volunteers did things to change the results of the game. Some of them tampered with the wheel as needed, while others broke into casinos in order to loosen the wheels in their favor. (By loosening the wheels, the ball stopped bouncing a lot during each game).

Several devisers even placed thin lead-filled layers in several pockets, so that the ball would stop on them. Conversely, if they would rather see the ball leave the pocket, elastic materials were used instead. All of these appliances created what is now known as the biased wheel.

Ball Control

Another illegal method of winning was the use of magnets in the ball and table. Unfortunately, for this to work, they had to have someone in the casino who would help them. After all, it would be quite strange to ask the croupier to wait as you go underneath the table and change the ball.

If there is no way of mentally influencing the ball, it can be done physically instead. If there is no way to get the ball to follow your bidding, you can just pad it, so that it lands in your choice of pocket. However, there is more to it than that; it also includes a roulette manufacturer prerogative, so different materials can be used to make the pockets. But the cheater has to know about danger of messing up with the casino security. For instance, if you want a ball to stay in a certain pocket, you can use metal or softer wood for the pocket instead.

Several experienced dealers claim that it is possible to predetermine certain numbers, on which the ball might land. Since they spin the wheel over and over, they can guess several potential numbers, on which a ball might land. This hasn't been proven yet, though.

Sector Targeting

A more profitable yet less exact method of winning chips would be sector targeting. To determine where the white ball might land, an electronic tool can also be used. With this device, huge sums of money have been won before, in particular $1,700,000 in England. Lucky for the players, British laws do not prohibit that kind of cheating.


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