Traditional casinos have had their day – except maybe in Las Vegas

The 21st century has seen a lot of inventions that have changed the course of History. Most noticeably is the invention of the Internet. It is used in every sector of the way of life, without we would not doubt be lost.

Due to this raise in virtual life more solid forms of entertainment are dwindling. We would much rather gamble online than drive to a Casino. We like convenience and that is what the Internet has provided.

But the legend that is Las Vegas still stays strong whilst other Casinos fall by the wayside. Las Vegas is the epitome of Casino land. If you want a true Casino experience you go to Las Vegas, there is no question about it. Online casino games are no comparison, and for that reason, and that reason alone, we will not see the death of traditional casinos for a long time yet.

Las Vegas is described perfectly by Ace Rothstein in the film ‘Casino’:

In Vegas, everybody's got to watch everybody else. Since the players are looking to beat the casino, the dealers are watching the players. The box men are watching the dealers. The floor men are watching the box men. The pit bosses are watching the floor men. The shift bosses are watching the pit bosses. The casino manager is watching the shift bosses. I'm watching the casino manager. And the eye-in-the-sky is watching us all.

You have a network of people that all want the same end goal, to win money. Las Vegas will never disappoint you, there will always be a winner somewhere, and a thousand losers round them, but that is thrill of the game that you miss when playing online.

Online Casinos are excellent, and are definitely here to stay. Traditional Casinos have had their day, but never… Never will Las Vegas have seen its day. It is where every gambler pilgrims to, and will be for many years to come.


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