Wheel Games

There is plenty of wheel games including roulette variations and other games which involve a wheel construction. It is really important to know the rules in case you want to try one and gain some experience.

Le Multicolore

Le Multicolore refers to a game that relies on luck and features traits of billiards and roulette. Here, a ball falls onto a wheel that is separated into 25 shallow cups. Every cup has a color and a value to it. What the player has to do is guess which color the ball is going to fall on.

This game is especially famous in French places where regular roulette isn't permitted. This game has a big billiard table with a disc on it. This disc has 25 cups in 5 different colors on it. The wheel can either be statical or it can spin.

Around the table, the layout is painted into 5 colors. This is where players have to make their bets.

In order to find out which color wins, a dealer strikes a stick and lets the ball fall into the rail. The ball will run throughout the cloth, go up the ramp and fall onto the wheel. Eventually, it will fall into a cup. Depending on which cup the ball falls into, payouts can range from 2:1 to 24:1. Moreover, you can always play mini-roulette, if you want some real winnings.

Polé Chudes

Three players will battle it out by spinning the drum to find out an event or a value. Then, by properly guessing the puzzle's hidden letters, each player can earn points. Every puzzle will refer to a certain theme and an extra clue will even be given beforehand, unlike in the American version.

If one of the players guesses three different letters straight and in a single turn, he can get a cash box bonus by choosing a box. Bankrupt and 0 will not break this streak.

Players can either call letters or try to solve puzzles during their turn - before they spin the wheel. If the puzzle is correctly solved, the player will get the highest wheel point value for every remaining hidden space. Words need to be read and pronounced properly at all times, though several pronunciation variations are acceptable.

Players can also decide to partake in extra bonus rounds where prizes appear on the gaming wheel. The player then spins the wheel to find out which prize they could potentially win. But anytime you can choose to play real roulette game. Afterwards, a puzzle will show up, from which the player needs to choose certain letters that can be shown on the puzzle itself. After that, a minute is set on the clock, within which time the player has to figure out the puzzle. Correctly solving the puzzle will give the player the prize, while failing the puzzle means a complete loss of every prize bought.


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