What is Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune refers to a show that has been on television for decades now, making it to every single gaming platform possible - including Facebook. This latest version of Wheel of Fortune stays loyal to the show's style, but also includes a lot of extras, as well, which makes it better for players.

The goal of Wheel of Fortune is to correctly guess the special title or phrase by picking out letters. It's like a big hangman game, basically.

How to Play

The wheel in Wheel of Fortune has different dollar amounts, bankrupt sections and turn losses on it, and players have to spin the wheel. If a player knows the real answer, they can solve the whole puzzle and get some money. Falling on bankrupt, however, makes players lose money and they will have to begin from scratch again.

On TV, there are opponents, too, so if a player picks a bad letter, loses a turn or goes bankrupt, the next player gets a turn. Because Facebook doesn't have any opponents, however, players get limits on how many turns can be lost and letters can be missed. After reaching their limits, the game ends and bonus rounds are no longer given out. You can turn to roulette guide, once you desire to play real roulette.

Power-ups also exist to improve things for players who get stuck: a time out will stop the clock; reveal a letter will give out a letter; double bucks gives you twice the dollar amount on the following spin; and free play will give you the chance to pick a letter.

Games get divided into series that consist of a bonus round and a regular game puzzle. The bonus round will give players several letters and three extra consonants. Then, he will be given a certain time limit, in which to solve his puzzle in and to win the extra money.

This version of the game fits Wheel of Fortune's gaming style perfectly and creates limits well, so that there is more of a challenge to the game. There is also a social factor with scoreboards for friends on it. If you fail to solve a bonus puzzle, you can also ask friends for some help.


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